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Immortelle hydrosol 1000 ml


Content: 100% organically produced hydrosol

Extraction method: steam distillation

Plant parts: leaf and flower

No added flavors, colors, or preservatives.

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  • this effective liquid is distinguished by its specific taste, smell, chemical composition and strong therapeutic properties
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect, enhances the absorption of hematomas, stimulates the healing of wounds and scars and reduces swelling
  • prevents and slows the growth and development of bacteria
  • it is effective in the occurrence of edema and eczema
  • in gingivitis or periodontitis, it is used as water for rinsing the oral cavity
  • it is a good liver cleanser and is taken during the therapy of regular cleansing of the body
  • due to its soothing effect, it is also excellent as a skin tonic, and wraps soaked in hydrosol reduce dark circles
  • regenerates the skin and strengthens microcirculation, melts fat, prevents cellulite and has an anti-aging effect


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