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Auro Oleum

We have one great offer for everyone who deals with natural cosmetics and medicinal herbs – become part of the Auro Oleum blog community! We would like to give you the opportunity to present yourself through our website and at the same time create an active circle of collaborators. There is a large number of you whose work in the field of natural cosmetics and love of medicinal herbs we follow and support, and you may not all have the opportunity (except through social networks) to express their valuable knowledge, experience and thoughts.

Correspondence on the Auro Oleum blog is completely free for you! The only condition is that you touch on topics related to the medicinal herbs we work with – immortelle, St. John’s wort and yarrow. Write about their effects, applications, recipes, benefits of use and similar topics, let your imagination run wild! We offer proofreading, English translation and accompanying visuals (maybe your desired photos).

What are the benefits of correspondence on the Auro Oleum blog? Connecting and supporting each other, the opportunity to express your thoughts and knowledge, a free promotion channel, raising awareness of the benefits of using natural cosmetics and herbs and bringing together many applications of herbs (making creams, soaps, macerates, recipes, effects, etc.). The articles can then be shared and promoted together, all with the aim of making people aware of the benefits of using herbal products and numerous applications.

If you are interested, contact us with your proposal at

Let’s connect and create together!


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