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Dear friends,

welcome to the official Auro Oleum website! We were looking forward to announcing it as it is another big step for our small company in its first year of business. In fact, this is not officially the first year of business because the story about the founding of the Auro Oleum company dates back to 2016 / 2017 year when the works on the preparation of the terrain and the formation of our immortelle plantation on the Island of Krk began, and we did the first harvest in 2018. But in the fall of 2020, we decided to take our business to a new level and focus on retail, products and brand development.

The Auro Oleum team consists of a young couple from Rijeka who are dedicated to everything they offer and everything you see that comes from our small family factory, and when you grow up surrounded by nature and unconsciously gather knowledge about various herbs from an early age, it is one thing for sure – love and respect for nature and plants in you grow from the earliest days.

We remember, thus, growing up in the vicinity of Rijeka when we picked various herbs together with the diligent hands of our grandmothers, learning about its healing properties and numerous uses. Life takes us in different directions, but what truly makes us happy and fulfilling always finds its way and place in the end. This is exactly how the story of Auro Oluem began, a small family company from Croatia that grows immortelle, and builds its values ​​on love and respect for nature and what it gives us.

Due to its peculiarity, the Island of Krk was given the name Golden Island in antiquity. It is on this Golden Island that our immortelle plantation is located – a plant that proudly bears the epithet of immortality, a plant that has gained cult status in recent years when it comes to skin care and anti-aging effect, a plant that is said to be liquid gold of the Mediterranean!

The divine scent of immortelle, layered and extremely perfumed, has for long encouraged people to use it cosmetically. As with all plants, its scent comes from its essential oil which is considered to be one of the most prized and expensive in the world. Auro Oleum produces 100% natural and organic immortelle essential oil and hydrosol. We have recently enriched our offer with two more products made from medicinal herbs that grow in our field. It is St. John’s wort and yarrow from which we made macerate and tincture.

We hope you enjoy the content of our website, which also offers the service of the Shop (Webshop), so you can now buy our products in this way. We will do our best to create interesting content on the blog in order to further present and show you all the benefits of using and numerous applications of our products.

Treat yourself with this magic in bottles. By the very scent, let our immortelle essential oil and hydrosol awaken in you memories of warm, long and sunny island summers, the scent of cut grass and nature in its best variant, woven into bottles of Auro Oleum products. Emphasize your natural beauty and indulge in the benefits of Immortelle!

Thank you,

your Auro Oleum team


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